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At Fairview Community Church we recognize that when it comes to public health, all are not treated fairly. Through the Social Justice Ministry, we are committed to providing an educational forum and support to promote a community that respects a healthy society for all.


Fairview Community Church, in partnership with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the United Church of Christ, is pleased to announce a new program to widen our welcome for our FCC families with mental health challenges.

On the THIRD WEDNESDAY of the month 7-830, the Healing through Faith Support Group (HTF) gathers to provide support to those with mental health issues. The support is given from a Christian perspective, although attendees from all faiths are respected. The group gathers in the sideroom and is facilitated by NAMI’s FaithNet coordinator Nancy Stieler.

The Purpose of Healing through Faith is:

  • To provide hope and encouragement
  • To provide a warm, caring, safe, non-threatening, and non-judgmental environment that encourages sharing of difficulties and dreams
  • To use scripture to promote recovery
  • To help strengthen faith in Jesus
  • To assist in building a more meaningful, productive life.

For more information: Contact: Libby Cowan