Fairview Community Church Adult Education - Fairview Community Church

Here at Fairview we have a saying we think is worth living by:  “Don’t check your brain at the door!”    This definitely applies to our Sunday morning services but we take it to the next level at our Wednesday afternoon Adult Education gathering. We enjoy conversation ranging the spectrum of religious diversity! From scriptural analysis –Bible Study that examines the socio-cultural setting in which the text was written, to church history, to the way we practice our faith today —we love to learn!   We believe that by asking questions we deepen our faith!

So join the conversation, ask the questions and be a part of a community of faith that refuses to check our brains at the door! We meet at 5pm every Wednesday in the sanctuary of our church!

We’re currently engaged in a PBS video series entitled:   “Empires: Great Religions, People and Passions that Changed the World”   examining five outstanding stories of some of history’s greatest religions and religious figures. This DVD collection includes: Islam: Empire of Faith, Martin Luther, Kingdom of David: The Saga of the Israelites, Peter & Paul: The Making of the Christian Revolution and Warriors. With beautiful cinematography, music, and scholarly historical information, you’ll find history’s most interesting religious figures and situations come to life.

Here’s what our members have to say about it:

“It brings the stories to life in a whole new way!” - Betsy Zafuto    

“Every Christian should watch this series to know more about our faith and more about the history of religion in the world!”  -Our Pastor Emeritus, The Rev. Dr. Gary Barmore

“Why didn’t I learn this in Sunday School?” - the Rev. David Doss